The Security Media Cell announces the outcome of the arrest of wanted persons in Diyala within three days

The Security Media Cell announced, today, Sunday, the outcome of the arrests of wanted persons in Diyala, within three days.

The Head of the Cell, Major General Saad Maan, said in a televised statement, “The Diyala governorate is on the verge of investment and economic activities, and the government will not stand idly by on those who try to tamper with the security of the governorate,” noting that “the ongoing operations in Diyala are a popular demand.”

He added that “the outcome of the operations in Diyala for three days was (on the 10th of the current March, 81 accused were arrested with different legal materials, and yesterday 85 accused were arrested with different legal materials and one in terrorism cases, while today more than 30 accused were arrested with different legal materials and 3 others in terrorism cases.

He explained that “Prime Minister Muhammad Shia’ al-Sudani’s visit to Diyala is important, and he held meetings with security leaders and the province’s clans, and there was a very large welcome,” pointing out that “the continuous follow-up of the Deputy Commander of Joint Operations and the Minister of Interior first with the security forces.”

He added “the focus has been on issues of murder, clan conflicts, sectarian violence, smuggling, drugs, and others,” pointing out that “the numbers of security forces in Diyala are sufficient and they carry out their duties through inspections in the areas of the province.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency