Workshop stresses boosting protection from violence

A workshop organized by the National Council for Family Affairs (NCFA) and the United Nations Population Fund on Saturday at the Dead Sea underscored the importance of commitment to implementing the 2021-2022 plan of national priorities to strengthen the protection system from gender-based violence, violence against children and domestic violence. The participants in the workshop, which was held to discuss a monitoring and follow-up report on the plan and its achievements during 2021-2022, recommended continuing monitoring the implementation of the plan and for the concerned authorities such as the ministries of social development, justice and health in addition to the Public Security Department to carry out their roles in monitoring the activities of the various sectors and following up on coordination with donors to approve the plan and its priorities within its programs. Secretary-General of the Council Muhammad Miqdadi said that the plan aims at providing greater access to cases of violence within an integrated institutional framework that provides quality services and included different sectors such as social and health services, police and justice, coordination and partnership, awareness and the legislation sector. Miqdadi indicated that this workshop aims at pinpointing the challenges, finding the reasons behind not achieving some goals laid out in the plan, as well as implementing corrective measures in that regard to strengthen the system of protection against gender-based violence, violence against children and domestic violence.

Source: Jordan News Agency