The PM launches a comprehensive service campaign for all sectors in Kadhimiya

The Prime Minister, Muhammad Al-Sudani, launched today Saturday, a comprehensive service campaign for all sectors in the holy city of Kadhimiya.

The campaign includes the development of the roads, bridges and public transport sectors, and includes maintenance and cleaning of the city’s streets and supporting the municipal staff with the necessary mechanisms, in addition to rehabilitating the streets (Musa Al-Kadhim, Al-Askariyyin, Muhammad Al-Jawad, Al-Sanayeh, Al-Hamza) within the campaign (Baghdad is more beautiful), and covering (500) thousand square meters with road cladding campaigns, and including the construction of a new bridge to link Al-Kadhimiya with Al-Adhamiya in the 2023 budget.

The campaign also included resolving the obstructing the completion of Aden Square Bridge, moving the headquarters of official departments outside Kadhimiya to relieve traffic congestion, as well as developing and rehabilitating the garage (Sayed Muhammad) and adding another multi-storey garage, and finding garages near the main outlets (Imams Bridge, Al-Muheet Street).

The campaign also included the development of the parks and public service sector, including identifying lands belonging to ministries and using them for public benefit, converting the (Hala) grove into a model park, as well as developing the Kadhimiya Corniche by the Baghdad Municipality, transferring two prisons (Adala and Khaswa) and opening the area for entertainment purposes.

It also included the development of the electricity, water and sewage sector, which includes comprehensive maintenance of the city’s electricity and lighting of its internal streets, preparing a list of cable obstructing the (Beautiful Baghdad) campaign, and installing two electrical stations (MVA) within (60) days, as well as supporting the electricity of the city of Kadhimiya with additional specialized mechanisms and completion drinking water reinforcement tie with a length of (550) meters, in addition to including the anti-odor system for the Al-Kadhimiya station within the Municipality plan for the year 2023, and preparing pumps to raise the work efficiency of the Al-Kadhimiya station to (95)%.

It is noteworthy that the campaign also included the development of the education sector by determining the city’s need for new schools, preparing (24) plots required for the establishment of schools, and counting the schools to be demolished and converted into multi-storey schools, as well as rehabilitating (6) heritage schools in coordination with the Ministry of Culture, and rehabilitating several aspects of the security sector, including the development of the city’s entrances and checkpoints, the reduction of internal stations in the city of Kadhimiya, and the opening of additional lanes in the fixed checkpoints.

The campaign also dealt with the development of services in the agricultural areas and included directing the service and engineering effort team to provide services to the agricultural population in (Al-Tayy) area.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency