The number of Hebron detainees has increased to 327 since the start of the war on Gaza

Hebron – Together – The number of detainees from the Hebron Governorate has risen to 327 detainees since the start of the war on the Gaza Strip, on the seventh of October, after 39 citizens from the governorate were arrested at dawn on Friday.

Local sources reported that the occupation forces launched raids, searches and arrests in several areas in the city of Hebron, and light confrontations broke out between young men and the occupation forces, and no injuries were reported.

The sources added that two journalists were arrested from their homes in the city of Hebron, and the arrests were concentrated in Hebron, Surif, Al-Samou’, and Sa’ir. Among the detainees were identified:

Former member of the Legislative Council, Dr. Samir Al-Qadi

Journalist Musab Qafisha

Journalist Thaer Al Fakhouri

Former prisoner Dr. Qassam Qafisha

Former prisoner Saeed Abu Sneina

Former prisoner Moataz Al-Jubeh

Former prisoner Tahseen Al-Jubeh

Former prisoner Karim Shaheen

The two brothers, Muhammad and Uday Hashem Al-Haymouni

Former prisoner Mohamed Misk

Prisoner Louay Al-Taweel

Former prisoner Muhammad Ayoub Al-Rajabi

Former prisoner Yahya Mahmoud Al-Qadi

Former prisoner Abdel Salam Hamidat

Former prisoner Ghassan Masouda

Former prisoner Islam Bassam Idais

Former prisoner Islam Al-Hur

Former prisoner Abdel Hamidat

Former prisoner Hamad Ismail Ghunaimat

Former prisoner Bahaa Al-Faroukh

Former prisoner Ali Samih Ghunaimat

Waheed Badr

Kamel Abu Khudair

Abdel Hazem Haddouch

The seventh prisoner, Saif Al-Qawasmi

Former prisoner Hudhaifa Arar

Former prisoner Islam Al-Afandi

Former prisoner Mahmoud Akram Al-Rajabi

Former prisoner Salam Al-Bib Hamidat

Former prisoner Bahaa Ziad Amin Farroukh

Former prisoner Ahed Abu Fara

Former prisoner Asaad Burgan

Former prisoner Anas Al-Hur

Muhammad Magdy Ismail Al-Hawamdeh

Imad Magdy Ismail Al-Hawamdeh

Mahmoud Ahmed Yasser Al-Hawamdeh

Mazen Ahmed Mohammed Al-Hawamdeh

Suleiman Ibrahim Suleiman Abdel Hawamdeh

Source: Maan News Agency