Syria calls on international community to help remove coercive measures imposed on country

Activities of the 76th session of the World Health Assembly continue in Geneva with the participation of Syria.

Health Minister, Hasan al-Ghabbash expressed in a speech at the conference his appreciation for the exerted efforts to rise awareness about health in general , hoping that the aspired-for expectations would be realized to help boost Health systems in countries of the region.

Al-Ghabash thanked friendly and brotherly countries that stood by Syria during the catastrophe of devastating earthquake which left thousands of victims, thus the health system “ found itself again in front of a tough humanitarian situation to add to the repercussions of war and coercive measures that doubled volume of suffering.

He called for applying the resolutions of WHA on the health conditions in the occupied Palestinian territories, including Jerusalem, and occupied Syrian Golan.

The Minister appealed to all countries to stand by Syria and lift the inhumane coercive measures imposed on the Syrian people.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency