Sudan protester slain following junta crackdown

The Central Committee of Sudanese Doctors (CCSD) announced the death of protestor Mohamed Omar Abdellatif, who died in hospital on Thursday, during anti-junta demonstrations on El Arbaeen street (renamed Martyr Abdelazim Street) in Omdurman on Wednesday.

The exact cause of death is still not clear, as a report by the CCSD states that Abdellatif died from a gunshot wound that lacerated his liver and caused severe abdominal bleeding. However, the autopsy report and witnesses stated that the Omdurman protester died from a head injury, as a result of stone fired with a tear gas launcher.

A picture of the stone that was reportedly retrieved during the slain demonstrator’s autopsy is circulating online.

Sudanese activist group United Against Violations (UAV) previously reported that government forces used an Oblin, an improvised projectile weapon that shoots stone and glass.

This brings the total number of people killed during pro-democracy demonstrations in Sudan since government forces successfully launched their coup d’état on October 25 last year, to 120.

On Friday, resistance committees organised a one-day sit-in and barricaded all roads leading to the Umbadda El Sabil neighbourhood in Omdurman, in honour of Abdellatif.

Source: Radio Dabanga