SPLA-N Hilu breached three-year truce, says Sudanese army

Sudanese army accused the SPLA-N led by Abdel Aziz al-Hilu of shelling the Lagawa area of West Kordofan breaching a three-year truce.

Fresh tribal violence between the Misseriya and Nuba Lagawa over land ownership resulted in the death of 17 people and displaced several thousands of people.

Also, the Rapid Support Forces deployed in the area were accused of siding the Misseriya people in this inter-communal dispute.

The Sudanese army spokesman on Wednesday accused the SPLA-N al-Hilu of carrying out indiscriminate shelling on three neighbourhoods in Lagawa town on October 18.

“Following the shelling, an SPLA infantry company attacked our forces in the area. The latter repelled the assailants and forced them to withdraw,” read the statement.

The attack is a “clear violation of the cessation of hostilities agreement,” added the military spokesman.

The government and the SPLM-A signed a cessation of hostilities agreement on October 16, 2019. Since the truce has been extended regularly.

The Juba-mediated process to end the South Kordofan armed rebellion has been stalled since May 2021.

SPLA-N denies

In response, the SPLA-N al-Hilu rejected the accusations and dismissed the participation of its troops in the tribal violence saying they are “a desperate attempt to distort the image of the Movement”.

“Everyone knows that the aggression against the Nuba, Dajo and Falata ethnic groups in Laqawa was carried out by the Misseriya militias and the Rapid Support Forces,” said the acting SPLM-N Spokesman Jabir Komi.

The Komi further warned the RSF against continuing to support one of the two belligerents and taking part in the killing, and displacement of civilians on an ethnic basis.

For its part, the RSF dismissed the SPLA-N accusation of siding with one of the two parties.

These allegations are ” open attempts to cover up their continuous violations and assaults on defenceless civilians,” said the RSF in a statement released on Wednesday.

Source: Sudan Tribune