Social Development Minister, Omani counterpart talk joint cooperation

Amman: Minister of Social Development, Head of the Inter-Ministerial Committee on Women’s Empowerment, Wafaa Bani Mustafa, and Omani Minister of Social Development, Dr. Laila Najjar, on Sunday discussed aspects of joint cooperation and coordination in the areas of social protection and expertise exchange.

During the meeting, Bani Mustafa stressed the importance of joint cooperation in the social protection field.

Bani Mustafa highlighted the target underprivileged categories criteria approved by the National Aid Fund (NAF), under 57 indicators to identify the groups eligible to receive cash aid.

Bani Mustafa said these indicators align to changing conditions of the targeted families and expansion of the volume of benefit from cash assistance for 2024 and next year within allocated budgets.

Additionally, Bani Mustafa reviewed the ministry’s women-driven programs after creating its women’s unit and completing its technical frameworks.

The unit, she said, is concerned with women’s issues, based on its data
and programs, referring in this regard to efforts of Inter-Ministerial Committee on Women’s Empowerment.

Bani Mustafa touched on protection programs for children and women exposed to violence, adding that the ministry responds to cases that require specific forms of interventions to provide protection for the most vulnerable groups.

She also referred to efforts of “Makani” centers and “Oasis” project to empower women and girls in local community centers nationwide , in partnership with UNICEF and UN Women, which provides training and empowerment to target groups in several fields.

For her part, the Omani minister stressed importance of exchanging joint expertise in multiple areas of the social sector, specifically in social protection strategy and protection measures related to children, women, persons with disabilities, and the elderly, as these categories are most affected by family disintegration.

Source: Jordan News Agency