Saudi authorities recognize all Jordanian universities-Ministry

Saudi Ministry of Higher Education has accredited all Jordanian public and private universities, Jordan’s Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research announced Thursday. In a statement, Jordan’s higher education ministry said Riyadh’s decision was taken based on an official letter to Saudi Ministry of Higher Education through Jordan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates. Accordingly, the ministry said Jordanian universities appeared in the Saudi list of universities classified and accrdited to complete study, which is announced on the University Ambassador Website of Saudi Ministry of Education. The ministry also referred to its “constant and continuous” contact with the Saudi cultural attache in Amman to overcome any difficulties facing students wishing to enroll and study in any Jordanian higher education institutions. In addition, the ministry noted the decision would have a “significant” impact in supporting its strategy for attracting foreign students for 2023-2027, which was prepared in cooperation and coordination with Jordan Tourism Board (JTB) and finally approved by the Cabinet. On the strategy’s goals, the ministry expressed its aspirations to increase the number of foreign students enrolled in Jordanian higher education institutions.

Source: Jordan News Agency