Report: British Special Forces secretly participated in killing operations in Syria and Iraq

London, The London-based organization of Action on Armed Violence (AOAV) said that British special forces have secretly participated in killing operations since 2011 in at least 19 countries, including Syria, Iraq and other countries.

“Those forces carried out deliberate killings of British citizens in Syria and Iraq and covered up massacres against civilians in Afghanistan,” NOVOSTI news agency quoted the Organization as saying in a report. According to the report, those forces trained terrorists in Syria and provided them with information and helped plan terrorist operations and actively participated in the events in Libya in 2011.

It also noted that in Ukraine, British experts carried out reconnaissance missions and worked with the Americans in training Ukrainian forces. The report added that the countries in which special forces units have been active included Estonia, Iran, Libya, Pakistan and Russia. Mazen Eyon

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency