Public Works Minister partakes in Sustainable Urban Development conference in Croatia

Minister of Public Works and Housing and Transport, Maher Abu Al Sammen, participated Thursday in the third ministerial conference on sustainable urban development, which was held in Zagreb, Croatia. The conference aimed to enhance the safety of citizens and build cities that are able to withstand natural disasters and climate change, and to achieve more joint cooperation to enable the green and digital transformation, in addition to providing a better standard of living, decent jobs, a healthy environment, and affordable housing in the coming years. The conference participants affirmed their commitment to promoting sustainable, resilient, safe and integrated urban development, highlighting the importance of the Union’s 2040 Strategic Urban Development Action Plan, as an essential tool for implementing its relevant agenda, and as part of their commitment to achieving sustainable development goals, in line with the United Nations New Urban Agenda. Abu Al Sammen said that addressing and developing public policies and programs related to affordable housing, including the establishment of national housing agencies and housing observatories, is essential to reach accurate insights into critical issues related to the housing phenomenon, and thus contributes to improving legislation and providing the necessary information to develop effective housing policies, according to a ministry statement.

Source: Jordan News Agency