Mrs. Asma al-Assad meets Omani National Records and Archives Authority delegation

The First Lady Mrs. Asma al-Assad met Omani National Records and Archives Authority delegation who paid a few days’ visit to Syria recently for the establishment of a Syrian-Omani cooperation.

The meeting focused on the documents essential role in writing and preserving history, as their role is not only limited for that, despite of its great importance, but they are an essential means for managing and regulating the present and they are part of making and possessing future.

Mrs. al-Assad pointed out to the great importance of documentation on various levels for both the state and the society, as the document represents our vision of events and facts and it grants us the potential of managing knowledge. It creates the joint collective thinking towards these events. Without documents, the events become a mere stories narrated by generations, without making benefit from their lessons.

The document also constitutes the intellectual reference which protects the identity and preserve the belonging, particularly that the war Syria has witnessed over 12 years, has affected the human being, who lives and practices the intangible heritage, in addition to the damage affected the tangible heritage, therefore documenting this heritage protects it against vanishing and continues with generations, one after another.

During the meeting, Head of the Omani delegation, Hamad bin Mohammed al-Duwayani, briefed the Syrian side on the Omani experience in organizing, managing and investing documents to regulate the work of the institutions and the state’s management with higher flexibility and referential performance.

al-Duwayani expressed his country’s readiness to cooperate with Syria in the documentation project and preserving heritage.

The meeting was attended by Presidential Political and Media Adviser Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency