Member of the “Democratic Gathering” Bloc, MP Wael Abu Faour, descirbed the recent visit of Progressive Socialist Party Chief, Walid Jumblatt, to Paris as “good” and that “discussion was deep and important”. He added: “We are pursuing our contacts at home and abroad.” He considered that “there is nothing fast and we hope that things will advance, and at least everyone is placing their papers on the table, and Walid Jumblatt has no intention in what he is doing exept a single goal, namely to get out of this situation in which we live and the misery that the Lebanese citizens are enduring…” Abu Faour’s words came during his patronage of a reconciliation in the town of Al -Suwairi on Sunday, where he hoped that “the spirit of reconciliation, pardon, tolerance and brotherhood would prevail in the country.” “The only solution is to elect a president for the republic,” Abu Faour asserted, noting that “Walid Jumblatt is seeking through his internal and external contacts, and will continue in his endeavor internally and externally, to get the country out of the crisis, to find a president of the republic.” He went on, “We know that the future president must be a consensus president agreed upon by most of the parliament members, if not all, and to be reformist and rescue president; and to possess two characteristics, the first is to be capable of gathering the Lebanese, and the second is to be able to rectify Lebanon’s relationship with the Arab countries, because without the Arabs, there is no rescue or identity.” “It is not only a matter of economic rescue, but this is our identity and this is our affiliation,” Abu Faour underlined.

Source: National News Agency – Lebanon