Jordanian silos’ storage capacities soar beyond 400K tons

Amman: Affirming significant progress in Jordan’s economic landscape, the Jordan Silos and Supply General Company has boosted storage capacities to over 400,000 tons in the silos of Aqaba, Al-Jwaideh, and Al- Russeifa.

According to Director General, Imad Tarawneh, the company’s advancements, under the reign of His Majesty King Abdullah II, reflect a strategic imperative to fortify national capabilities and ensure food security.

These efforts include expanding the silo infrastructure, particularly crucial for maintaining ample stocks of essentials like wheat. The ongoing expansion projects constitute a pivotal aspect of the Kingdom’s strategic initiatives, aimed at bolstering storage capabilities essential for national resilience.

Tarawneh emphasized the institution’s enhanced competitiveness in leasing dry and refrigerated warehouses at competitive rates, facilitating the storage of vital food commodities. Such endeavors are pivotal in sustaining the Jordanian market and contributing positively to the nati
onal treasury.

Furthermore, the establishment of new silos at the Aqaba port and the ship unloading dock, recognized among the premier grain ports in the Middle East, underscores Jordan’s commitment to efficient logistics. With the capacity to unload grains reaching 15,000 tons per day, a substantial increase from previous levels, these facilities signify a significant leap forward in logistical efficiency.

Moreover, storage capacities in the northern silos have been expanded to accommodate up to 100,000 tons, with plans for further expansion in southern silos and warehouses.

Source: Jordan News Agency