Jordanian field hospital Nablus/1 treated 6,817 Palestinians so far, says commander

The Jordanian Field Hospital Nablus/1 has provided “distinguished” and diverse medical services to the Palestinian brethren in the Gaza Strip since its establishment on last November 23 until today.

The number of Palestinian patients, who visited the hospital reached 6,817, while the medical staff performed 27 different surgeries, hospital commander announced on Thursday.

Meanwhile, he noted 10 cases were admitted to the hospital due to their need for further medical follow-up, adding that a total of 2,360 medical prescriptions were administered for patients.

The commander also said the hospital staff continues to provide the necessary medical and therapeutic services to Palestinians in the city of Nablus and its suburbs, noting that the average daily patient referrals to the hospital range between 600-800 cases per day.

Additionally, he added that the hospital has prepared a program for specialized clinic shifts from 8:am until 2:pm from Sunday to Thursday weekly, while the emergency department operates
24 hours a day.

He pointed out that a total of 121 medical and administrative staff work in the hospital, including 18 surgical specialists.

Source: Jordan News Agency