Israeli aggression against Gaza claims lives of 687 so far

The Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip said that medical teams in hospitals received bodies of 687 martyrs, including 140 children, 105 women, and 3,726 injuries, 10 per cent of whom are children. The Ministry expressed its deep concern about the escalation and continuation of Israeli aggression by the occupation forces and direct attacks on medical facilities and innocent civilians. It confirmed that the medical teams were stationed in the field and had not left their work sites since the beginning of the aggression, despite being targeted, which did not stop them from continuing their moral, humanitarian and patriotic duty towards their people. It noted that the continuing crimes of the occupation caused massacres against 13 families, and these massacres claimed the life of 105 civilians, the largest number of whom are still under the rubble. The ministry added that the Israeli occupation is expanding the scope of targeting medical personnel, health facilities and ambulances, causing the death of 5 health personnel in addition to injuring 10 others. 7 hospitals and health centers were also targeted and large parts of them were directly damaged. The ministry explained that the Israeli aggression damaged the nursery section of the Shifa Medical Complex, which led to panels falling from the ceiling next to one of the premature babies as a result of targeting the vicinity of the complex. The Israeli occupation attacks also put Beit Hanoun Hospital (the only one in the city) out of service as due to repeated targeting of the hospital’s surroundings, making it impossible for crews to enter and exit from and to it, in addition to damaging large parts of it and stopping its services. It confirmed that the Israeli occupation deliberately targeted ambulances, as they targeted 11 ambulances and a health services vehicle, completely destroying them and putting them out of service. The Ministry of Health said it will continue its contacts and meetings with international and humanitarian institutions to support hospitals’ needs for medicines, medical consumables, and fuel. It demanded relevant stakeholders to open a safe corridor for urgent medical aid to enter the hospitals of the Gaza Strip to ensure that the injured due to the aggression have access to their missing specialized services.

Source: Jordan News Agency