Iran condemns terrorist attack by US occupation forces on Deir Ezzor

Iran has condemned the terrorist attack launched by the US occupation forces on some areas in Deir Ezzor Province, and its continued theft of Syrian national wealth.

“The continuation of the illegal military presence of the United States of America, the occupation of parts of Syrian territory, and the assault on various sites in it, is a violation of its national sovereignty, territorial integrity and international laws,” Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani said in a statement.

Kanaani added, “Washington’s claim to be in Syria to fight ISIS, which it played a major role in creating, is just a pretext to continue occupying this country’s lands and plundering its national wealth, including energy and grain.”

The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman rejected the accusations of US officials against Iran, pointing out that making baseless accusations and then issuing judgments based on them is an outdated method.

Kanaani noted that the Iranian advisors played an important role in combating terrorism alongside the armed forces and the people in Syria, and they are present on its lands at the request of its government with the aim of helping in the fight against terrorism, and they will always be by its side to establish peace, stability and permanent security.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency