A delegation from the municipality of the French city of Poitier, including Mayor Leonore Moncond Hui, and a number of members of its municipal council, visited the Byblos district at the invitation of Dr. Christian El Khoury. The delegation began its visit in the town of Hasrayel, where it was briefed on a method used in storing rainwater by collecting it from the tents of the protected crops. Then it moved to Bentael, where it visited the reserve and was briefed by the head of the reserve committee, Raymond El-Khoury, on its operation. Then, it headed to the town of Ehmej where it was welcomed by the head of the municipality, Nazih Abi Semaan, and toured the water-collecting ponds at the top of the town. Afterwards, the delegation moved to the town of Jaj, where they examined its perennial oaks and visited the Jaj Cedar Reserve accompanied by its committee members. The delegation expressed admiration for the reserve and promised, after returning to France, to “do everything possible to encourage the French to visit Jbeil, especially the Reserves of Bentael and Cedars of Jaj.” The delegation concluded its visit with a dinner held in its honor by Dr. Khoury at his residence, which was attended by Jbeil MP Simon Abi Ramia and Mayor Wissam Zaarour.

Source: National News Agency – Lebanon