A university lecturer was arrested on charges of “incitement to terrorism”

Today, Friday, a hearing was held in the Magistrate’s Court for Professor Nadra Shalhoub-Kevorkian, “a lecturer at the Hebrew University.”

Suspicion of “incitement to racism and terrorism” was directed against Professor Nadra, and after deliberations, the judge decided to release her on financial bail, in addition to the obligation to attend investigation sessions if she was summoned, while the police demanded that the release decision be frozen for the possibility of appealing it to the Central Court.

The professor was arrested yesterday from her home in Old Jerusalem.

Lawyer Alaa Mahajneh said, in a statement, that the charges directed against Shalhoub-Kvorkian after the end of the investigation were incitement and spreading inflammatory opinions, stressing that the arrest is ‘illegal, and stems from the policy the police are pursuing against Arab citizens with the aim of intimidating them.’

He added, “It is clear that the person behind the policeman’s decision is the Minister of National Security, Ita
mar Ben Gvir, who implements his racist policies through the police, which has become an arm for implementing and enforcing his policies

Source: Maan News Agency


Once again, Rebirth Beirut, in partnership with Medco and all its supporters, proves that, despite all the challenges in the region, it continues to spread its message to revive the vibrant heart of the capital, Beirut, by lighting its streets one after another.

Lately, the association illuminated the streets surrounding Saint Joseph University as part of the ‘Light Up Our Community’ initiative, which was launched in May 2022 with Medco. So far, it has illuminated 143 streets, in addition to main avenues, 4 squares, two gardens, two stairs, and one tunnel in Beirut, with the aim of adding more brightness to the city.

In the current initiative, 4 streets are added to the list in collaboration with Saint Joseph University, knowing that this is not the first cooperation with the university, as this was preceded by the lighting of Huvelin Street, in addition to Alfred NaccacheAvenue with Hotel Dieu Hospital.

The president and founder of Rebirth Beirut, Mr. Gaby Fernaine,expressed his pride in everything they
are doing and said: ‘We are proud to light up these new streets, which confirms Beirut’s status as the capital of culture and major universities, and confirms that it will not sink into darkness! Today, we celebrate not only the brilliance of the lights, but also the hope and reassurance they symbolize for all who pass through them, including Students, professors, employees of Saint Joseph University, and the people of the neighborhood.’

Fernaine thanked Father Salim Daccache, the president of the university, and all its employees for their cooperation, especially Mr. Wassim Selwane, Ms. Christine Omeira, and Ms. Mona Tabet.

He also thanked wildlife photographer Michel Zoghzoghi for his generous donation, as well as the neighborhood families for their kind contributions to cover the cabling and installation costs.

In addition to thanking the main partner in the initiative, Ms. Michelle Chammas Gharzouzi, chief innovation officer at Medco.

Light Inc. provided Philips LED lighting devices, and this comes af
ter signing a memorandum of understanding with Light Inc. to provide 562 lighting lamps.

Fernaine also thanked the Internal Security Forces, the Lebanese Army and General Security, in addition to the permanent supporter, the Governor of Beirut, Judge Marwan Abboud, who accompanied the association in its projects, street after street.

Mrs. Michelle Chammas Garzouzi said that she believes in life and revitalization of the city and the importance of supporting initiatives that will restore life to the beating heart of Lebanon: Beirut.

President of USJ, Father Salim Daccache, thanked the efforts made by Rebirth Beirut, praising the role of the local community in helping in these difficult circumstances and contributing to keeping Beirut the beacon of the East.

In his turn, Governor Marwan Abboud welcomed the initiative and thanked the efforts of the private sector made to keep Beirut the capital of light, love and culture.

He said: ‘We thank all the good people and those who work for keeping the city illumin
ated and preventing it from sinking into darkness. We are children of light and our capital will remain a beacon for the whole world’.

Source: National news agency – Lebanon

196 days of war: dozens of martyrs and intense raids on Gaza

Together – Israeli aircraft continued their bombing of various areas of the Gaza Strip on the 196th day of the war, leaving dozens of martyrs and wounded.

The Israeli occupation committed seven massacres against families in the Gaza Strip, resulting in 71 martyrs and 106 injuries during the past 24 hours, bringing the toll of the Israeli aggression to 33,970 martyrs and 76,770 injuries since the seventh of last October.

The occupation aircraft returned to carry out a series of violent raids on Gaza City and parts of the northern Gaza Strip.

Four martyrs and a number of injuries were reported in an Israeli bombing that targeted the home of the Al-Sir family in the Beach camp, west of Gaza.

A citizen was also martyred and others were injured in a bombing that targeted citizens near the supply center in the same camp.

Five people were martyred and injured as a result of the occupation aircraft bombing a house for the Al-Jazzar family near the Sheikh Radwan Bridge in Gaza City.

Israeli artillery bombed 10t
h Street, south of Gaza City.

The occupation warplanes launched a raid on the city of Beit Lahia, north of the Gaza Strip, while artillery bombed several areas in Beit Hanoun.

Three citizens were martyred and several others were injured when the occupation forces opened fire on citizens east of Jabalia

South of the sector

The number of martyrs who died in a bombing that targeted a tent in which the Ayyad family lived east of the city of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip rose to 11.

In Khan Yunis, civil defense crews recovered four decomposed bodies from different areas.

The middle of the sector

Paramedics recovered 9 martyrs after the occupation forces withdrew from the northern Nuseirat camp in the central Gaza Strip.

Several citizens were injured as a result of an Israeli bombing targeting citizens in the Al-Mughraqa area in the central Gaza Strip.

A young Palestinian man was killed by Israeli sniper bullets east of Deir al-Balah in the central Gaza Strip

Source: Maan News Agency

Moroccan, Russian Public Prosecutors to Promote Cooperation

The presidency of the public prosecutor’s office in Morocco and its Russian counterpart signed, here Friday, a Memorandum of Understanding aimed to promote bilateral cooperation.

Signed by Prosecutor General of the King to the Court of Cassation, President of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, El Hassan Daki, and the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation, Igor Krasnov, this MoU provides for the exchange of expertise, experiences and best practices between the two parties in areas related to the action of the public prosecutor’s office and the strengthening of cooperation in matters relating to crime, in particular money laundering, drug trafficking and human trafficking.

It also provides for the organization of training sessions, the exchange of visits between experts, cooperation in the field of protection of investors’ rights and the consolidation of cooperation in all areas of common interest.

Speaking on this occasion, Daki highlighted the Moroccan experience in the independence of the judiciary,
in accordance with the 2011 Constitution, as well as the roles and responsibilities of the Presidency of the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the prosecutions to the various courts of the Kingdom, shedding light on their role in strengthening the rule of law and the control of other judicial professions and penitentiary facilities.

For his part, Krasnov expressed his country’s will to promote judicial cooperation relations with Morocco, noting that the signing of this MoU will open promising prospects for the exchange of experiences and best practices in the judicial field.

It should be recalled that Morocco and Russia are united by an agreement on the transfer of persons sentenced to custodial terms, signed in September 2006.

Source: Agence Marocaine De Presse


Khalaf Ahmad Al Habtoor, Founding Chairman of Al Habtoor Group, has announced the launch of two new initiatives to support the UAE community in the wake of the recent weather conditions in the country. In a swift and effective response to support the efforts of the Supreme Committee for Crisis and Emergency Management in Dubai and in coordination with the Emirates Red Crescent Authority in Dubai, the Group is allocating AED 17 million from the legacy of the late Mohammed Khalifa Al Suwaidi to repair damage to the homes of Emirati families, in addition to providing hotel rooms at the Group’s hotels to accommodate affected families, and a number of Emirati families from Dubai whose homes were damaged have already been hosted at the Group’s hotels in Al Habtoor City.

These initiatives are part of Khalaf Al Habtoor’s ongoing commitment to support the UAE community in times of crisis, highlighting the important role that private organisations play in helping those affected and lending a helping hand during diffi
cult times.

In addition, Al Habtoor Group has collaborated with the Dubai Community Development Authority (DCDA) to host weddings for residents of Al Lisaili as part of the ‘Dubai Weddings’ program at the Habtoor Grand Hotel in Jumeirah. The collaboration comes to avoid postponing any scheduled ceremony due to the effects of the recent weather conditions.

Commenting on the recent events, Khalaf Al Habtoor expressed his deepest solidarity with the affected families, emphasizing that the goal of these efforts is to “ensure that every family affected by the emergency is safe and stable and can get their lives back on track as quickly as possible.”

“Within our modest means, we stand side by side with government agencies and charitable organisations to face the challenges posed by nature and promote the spirit of cooperation and solidarity that is one of the core values of the UAE society,” he added.

Khalaf Al Habtoor’s initiative in July 2022, which provided 300 hotel rooms to shelter families affected by the
rains and floods in the Eastern Province, is part of the group’s ongoing series of measures to help those affected in the UAE. The capacity of these rooms exceeded 600 people, emphasizing the Al Habtoor Group’s pioneering role in supporting the community and providing assistance in times of need.

Al Habtoor is committed to continue these efforts, expressing its full solidarity with UAE families and emphasizing its readiness to provide whatever is necessary to ensure that these crises are overcome safely and securely, in line with the values of brotherhood and solidarity embodied by the UAE.

Source: National news agency – Lebanon