A university lecturer was arrested on charges of “incitement to terrorism”

Today, Friday, a hearing was held in the Magistrate’s Court for Professor Nadra Shalhoub-Kevorkian, “a lecturer at the Hebrew University.”

Suspicion of “incitement to racism and terrorism” was directed against Professor Nadra, and after deliberations, the judge decided to release her on financial bail, in addition to the obligation to attend investigation sessions if she was summoned, while the police demanded that the release decision be frozen for the possibility of appealing it to the Central Court.

The professor was arrested yesterday from her home in Old Jerusalem.

Lawyer Alaa Mahajneh said, in a statement, that the charges directed against Shalhoub-Kvorkian after the end of the investigation were incitement and spreading inflammatory opinions, stressing that the arrest is ‘illegal, and stems from the policy the police are pursuing against Arab citizens with the aim of intimidating them.’

He added, “It is clear that the person behind the policeman’s decision is the Minister of National Security, Ita
mar Ben Gvir, who implements his racist policies through the police, which has become an arm for implementing and enforcing his policies

Source: Maan News Agency