1 killed, 4 cows stolen in Yirol East County

The authorities in Yirol East County, Lakes State, have confirmed that one person was killed and four cows were stolen near Wulu camp on Wednesday by armed raiders suspected to be from the neighboring Panyijiar County of Unity State.

The deceased was identified as Dhieu Mabor from Yirol East County.

The commissioner of Yirol East County, Manyang Luk Lueth, told Radio Tamazuj that Mabor was killed at 1:30 am while he was moving five lactating cows from Wulu camp in Yirol East County to Yirol West County.

“The man (Mabor) was moving two milking and other three cows to the village and was attacked on the way. They shot him dead and made away with four cows.” He said. “So, people tracked the foot and hoof marks to a village in Panyijiar County in Unity State.”

Commissioner Luk said that they have had good working relations with their counterparts in Panyijar County and hoped the cows would be returned.

“We have very good cooperation and last month they (Panyijar County officials) returned to us about 48 head of cattle which were raided from Nyigualgut cattle camp,” he said.  “On Thursday morning I talked to the Panyijar commissioner and he has promised that he is going to apprehend those who killed that person.”

“For the last two months, we have been living in peace and together in Yirol East County even the cattle from Panyijiar and Yirol East are mixed together in one cattle camp here,” he added.

Source: Radio Tamazuj