Zahraman; Cabinet exerting relentless efforts to release kidnapped soldiers

SEPTEMBER 3, 2014 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Future Parliamentary bloc MP Khaled Zahraman said on Wednesday that the government was endeavoring to ensure the release of the kidnapped military men.

“The state is exerting dauntless efforts to establish contacts with the militants that are holding a number of Lebanese military men in their captivity,” he told Orient radio station, disclosing as well efforts to become acquainted with the demands of militants.

“Alas, some political sides are wagering on this issue, a thing which begets more harm rather than the much aspired outcome,” the lawmaker added.

Zahraman went on to say that recent pictures and footage showing the killing of Army martyr Ali Sayyed have surpassed Prime Minister Tammam Salam’s reassurances to the families of the abducted soldiers. The lawmaker also voiced support to Salam’s decision to keep the outcome of negotiations over the kidnapped soldiers’ file discreet.

As for March 8 reaction to March 14 presidential election initiative, the MP couldn’t help but wonder how “March 8 would not settle for any sort of compromise.”

“Inter-Lebanese dialogue amid the prevailing situation will not bear any fruit. What we need today is a foreign miracle to get us out of this crisis, but it seems that even such miracle is not ready to salvage Lebanon out of its calamities,” he added.