Weekly Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) Preparedness Update Update 39: (23 – 29 September 2019)



? DTM continues to operate 24 FMPs at the borders with DRC, Uganda and CAR, of which six are run in cooperation with DTM Uganda on the Ugandan side of the border.


? IOM team conducted an assessment on functionality and IPC/ WASH facilities at the PHCC in Jale. Further the team discussed with community and local authorities such as the migration office in Jale regarding their EVD awareness and preparedness efforts.

? IOM repaired two secondary screening shelters; one at Kerwa and one at Yei-SSRRC PoEs to enable continuous active screening in the PoEs managed by IOM.


? IOM continued to support and conduct active screening at the 15 Points of Entry (PoEs) sites: Yei SSRRC and Yei Airstrip within Yei Town; Lasu and Tokori in Otogo County; Kaya, Bazi, Salia Musala, Okaba, Kor Kaya (along Busia Uganda Border) and Isebi in Morobo County; Pure, Kerwa, Khorijo, Bori in Kajokeji County; and Birigo in Lainya County.

Source: World Food Programme