Weekly Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) Preparedness Update 29 (29 July – 04 August 2019)



IOM conducted an IPC/WASH assessment at the Kerwa primary health care center as part of ongoing second round assessments being conducted by the IPC/WASH Technical Working Group to assess the overall status of IPC/WASH at health facilities around priority areas for EVD preparedness.


DTM continued to operate 15 FMPs at the border with DRC, Uganda, and CAR. All six additional FMPs run in cooperation with DTM Uganda on the Ugandan side of the border have now resumed operations, though only three were able to submit data for this week.

A new FMP was set up on 3 August in Abaya (Kajo-Keji) on a busy entry route from Uganda.


Active screening is ongoing in 15 IOM-supported PoE sites, namely: Yei airstrip, Yei SSRRC, Tokori, Lasu, Kaya, Bazi, Salia Musala, Okaba, Khor Kaya (along Busia Uganda Border) and Isebi in Morobo County; Pure, Kerwa, Khorijo, Birigo in Lainya County; and Bori.

Source: International Organization for Migration