Watch Until now – the occupation demolishes two houses in Birin, east of Hebron

Farid Burqan, head of the Birin Village Council east of Hebron, said that the occupation authorities have begun demolishing two houses in the village this morning, so far.

He added, the occupation authorities brought 4 bulldozers and a bulldozer to the village, accompanied by a large army force, and began demolishing the house of Asaad Yousef Burqan and the house of his brother Yaqoub Burqan.

He explained that the presence of the bulldozers and the bulldozer alongside the large army force suggests that they will demolish 7 houses that are threatened and under threat of demolition in the village under the pretext of building without a permit.

These 7 houses are owned by: Asaad Yousef Barqan, Yaqoub Yousef Barqan, Fayez Al-Faqir, Ismail Barqan, Yousef Al-Ajlouni, Jaafar Al-Qadi, and Yousef Al-Hanjouli.

Source: Maan News Agency