Volume of trade exchange with Jordan at $186.64-Malaysian envoy

The Malaysian ambassador to Amman, Muhammad Nasri bin Abdul Rahman , said Malaysia and Jordan enjoy “warm and brotherly” relations since we established the diplomatic ties in 1965. Both countries share commonalities in many areas not only in terms of the diversity of the population, but also in the interest of the Muslim Ummah (nation) including the situation in Palestine. The envoy added that: “In fact, Malaysia and Jordan are close partners, and the Kingdom also play its important role to our story as the Their Majesties the Kings and Leaders of the two countries are closed to each other.” During a press interview, on the occasion of Malaysia’s National Day, on Saturday, he noted for the period of January – June 2023, Malaysia’s total trade with Jordan was recorded at USD186.64 million. Between 2020-2022, the diplomat said Malaysia’s top five 95) exports to Jordan were (1) Palm Oil and Palm Oil Based Agricultural Products; (2) Textiles, Apparel and Footwear; (3) Palm Oil-Based Manufactured Products; (4) Rubber Products; and (5) Processed Food. On the other hand, he indicated that Malaysia’s top five (5) imports or Jordan were (1) Chemical and Chemical Products; (2) Crude Fertilizers and Crude Minerals; (3) Textiles, Apparel and Footwear; (4) Other Agricultures; and (5) Manufacture of Metals – for the same period in 2020-2023. The envoy said both countries also cooperate in many fields such as trade and investment, energy, higher education, pharmaceuticals, and defence, among others. Additionally, he noted both countries are also in close cooperation to further strengthen trade and investment relations. Currently, he announced there are 1,500 Malaysian students studying in various universities in Jordan on various programmes. The programmes include among others, Arabic language, Islamic affairs and Islamic banking. Moreover, he pointed out there are 1,744 post-graduate students from Jordan currently pursuing their studies in Malaysia, adding that “We are glad to learn that Jordanian graduates have good career prospects in Jordan with some of them working in the public sector while some others are employed by reputable organizations.”

Source: Jordan News Agency