Vladimir Putin is taking part in the G20 Summit sessions

The second session attheG20 Summit, Global Economic and Financial Governance, will focus on ways to strengthen the global financial architecture, modern is tax systems and bank regulation mechanisms, and fight corruption.

The third session will address issues of sustainable international trade and investment. The participants will discuss measures to promote the growth of international trade, simplify regulations, reduce the customs burden, facilitate international trade and economic integration and strengthen cooperation investment policies.

The participants at the fourth session, Inclusive and Interconnected Development, will discuss the implementation of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, ways to help the least developed countries accelerate their economic industrialisation programmes, create new jobs, reduce unemployment and achieve food security.

The fifth session will focus on other issues that affect the global economy, inp articular, the threat of terrorism, primarily Islamic State, possible forms of cooperation in the fight against the proliferation of terrorism and extremism in the Middle East and North Africa and solutions to the forced migration of people from zones of hostilities. The participants will also discuss global warming and certain healthcare issues.

Source: President of Russia.