UPU Accommodates New Postal World Reality

Doha, September 25 (QNA) – The Universal postal Union (UPU) is accommodating the new reality of the postal world, a congress’ dignitary said here Tuesday during the 25th Universal Postal Congress (UPC) now in progress in Doha.
“The UPU as an organization of the United Nations is accommodating with the new reality of the postal sector in terms of structure. It molded its structure in a way to implement an infusion between Physical and Digital network together.” Dr. Serrana Bassini Casco, the Secretary General of the Postal Union of the Americas, Spain and Portugal (PUASP), said in an interview with Qatar News Agency (QNA) today on the second day of the 25th UPC which started Yesterday, Monday and was inaugurated by HH the Deputy Emir and Heir Apparent Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani.
Dr. Serrana Bassini Casco, who is also one of the candidates for the prospective UPU director general, further told QNA that the world now is seeing a major shift from Physical delivery of items through postal Service with the integration of the digital options, which brings us to the point that we need to keep up with this transition.
“The postal sector has crucial problems. Volume letters are declining and new technology is taking over,” Casco said.
Explaining the challenges faced amid this transition within the developed countries she said, “The situation in developing countries and in some regions is different. We have the quality of services, we have good operators but we are facing challenges with the process of delivery,” Casco said.
She said the weak communication between developing countries and industrialized countries is one of the challenges and a gap that needs to be bridged.
“We should try to solve these problems as we now find that at one part of the world the quality of service is very good but on the other side we find it weak,” she said.
QNA quoted Casco as saying, “Customers after all are not interested about the internal issues of the postal operator; they only need their items to be properly delivered.”
She stressed the need to deal with these challenges at the different spots of the world as one issue rather than considering each region separately.
“One of the main goals of the UN is “solidarity” and I think we- UPU- need to keep this in mind.  We should offer cooperation to the less developed countries yet we need to keep in mind that that UPU is an integrator organization. So we shouldn’t handle the faced challenges separately during this congress, meaning we need to look at them as one issue using our strengths to reach out to regions with more necessities,” she explained. 
Casco is impressed with the Qatari efforts in hosting the congress and praised the choice of the Qatar National Convention Center to hold the event.
“I think it’s the best congress I have been to among the six conventions I attended for the UPU. It’s Splendid,” she said.
This year, the congress is to elect a new UPU chief that will follow current chief, Edward Dayan who assumed post in 2005 and reached his term limit this year. (END)

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