UNMISS PoC Update, 6 January 2020

Source: Biometric registration (BMR) figures represent an accurate number of people in the POC sites at the time the exercise was conducted. Therefore, it only provides a specific time snapshot and omits people who may have been out of the POC sites at the time of the exercise. The population count is a monthly activity to estimate the number of people residing in POC sites to help service providers develop programming indicators accordingly. IOM conducted BMRs for Bor (May 2019), Bentiu (November 2018), UN House POC sites (September 2018), and a temporary BMR for Malakal POC (October 2019). IOM conducted headcounts in Wau POC Adjacent Area (November 2019) and Bentiu (October 2019), and the Danish Refugee Council conducted a headcount for Malakal (June 2019).

BMR numbers may change following the deactivation of households that missed three consecutive general food distributions. In UN House POC sites, newborns are biometrically registered continuously

Source: UN Mission in South Sudan