UNMISS dispatches patrol to prevent further violence in Jonj

(JUBA) – The UN peacekeeping mission, UNMISS, dispatched a patrol to Tonj on Wednesday to prevent further violence in the area following the bloody clashes between the army and gunmen.

Over the weekend, 70 people were killed in Eastern Tonj as a result of armed clashes between the army and the armed men from the area after the death of a gunman by a soldier in Romich market.

In a briefing to reporters in New York on Wednesday, Stephan Dujarric, UN Spokesman said that a patrol from the UN Peacekeeping Mission arrived on Tuesday evening in Tonj.

The patrol includes both military and civilian peacekeepers.

They are engaging with local authorities and community leaders to prevent further violence and help with reconciliation efforts.

The UN patrol will also visit Romich, a village in Tonj East that was directly impacted by the violence, to assess the security situation there.

Further, he added that a human rights team is also on the ground to carry out an investigation.


Source: Sudan Tribune