UNITAMS disappointed by Sudan’s visa denial for senior expert

The UNITAMS said disappointed by the Sudanese government’s rejection to not renew the visa of a senior adviser working in peacebuilding.

In a statement released on Monday, the political mission said the Sudanese government declined to renew the residency permit of Ambassador Rosalind Marsden, a former British Ambassador and former EU Special Representative to Sudan.

“It is disappointing that after considering the application for many weeks, the authorities have chosen not to renew her residency visa”.

“The decision is unfortunate especially given the recent request of the Sudanese authorities for UNITAMS and its partners to devote more attention to support for peacebuilding and mobilizing resources for many priority activities”.

The statement said the mission was “glad to have Dame Rosalind’s assistance in this activity” pointing to her deep knowledge of Sudan.

In April 2018, former President al-Bashir criticised the former British ambassador saying she dared to give him “instructions” at the end of her mandate in Sudan.

Al-Bashir’s statements triggered sympathy among the Sudanese for Dame Marsden.

Pro-Islamist media in Sudan, for several days, released reports claiming that the military-led government expelled the senior expert.

Source: Sudan Tribune