UNHCR MENA COVID-19 COVID-19 Vaccinations: Update #2 (24 March 2021)


  • UNHCR continues to advocate with all Governments to ensure that refugees, asylum-seekers, internally displaced persons and stateless people are included in national vaccination plans, in line with the World Health Organisation’s vaccination criteria and on par with nationals.
  • So far, over three-quarters of the countries in the MENA region have confirmed the inclusion of refugees in their national vaccination programmes. Additional countries have shown positive indications that they will include refugees in their plans, though many are adopting a phased approach and some are still finalising their implementation plans.
  • As of mid-March, vaccination programmes have started in at least 15 countries in the region.
  • The world’s first vaccination centre in a refugee camp opened in Zaatari camp, Jordan, on 15 February


Source: UN Support Mission in Libya