UK will resume relations with Sudan only under civilian government

The United Kingdom (UK) will resume support and enhance bilateral relations with Sudan only after the reinstatement of a civilian government.

There is no sign on the horizon of a political agreement between the political forces and armed groups on the formation of a transitional government in Sudan.

For their part, the coup leaders who ousted a civilian-led cabinet in October 2021 say they would hand over power to a civilian cabinet that includes political groups supporting their positions.

While the Forces for Freedom and Change reject the army proposed plan for a military supreme body with some sovereign powers, and say ready to accept the armed groups and a few supporters of the military component.

General Abdel Fattah al-Buran and UK Special Envoy Robert Fairweather discussed on Tuesday the need for a civilian government.

Al-Burhan pointed an accusing finger at the political forces and peace signatory groups, saying they have to strike a deal. He said they are ready to hand over power to an inclusive cabinet.

On Wednesday, Fairweather posted a tweet saying he underscored the restoration of a civilian government is key for the resumption of British support to Sudan.

“Only an inclusive civilian-led government will allow the UK to resume bilateral relations with Sudan,” he wrote.

“I underlined our expectation that the military will not obstruct the ongoing political process,” the British diplomat further stressed.

The Troika countries including the UK, Norway and the USA, EU countries and international financial institutions repeat that only the formation of a credible government will allow the resumption of economic support to Sudan.

Source: Sudan Tribune