BY: Muscat Daily staff writer

MUSCAT: The semifinal round of the Muscat Daily Listen Up competition at Teaching & Learning Communities School (TLC), was held on Sunday.

Competition was intense, and the charisma of the participants left an impact on the audience.

The judges were impressed as junior category speaker Alizzha Forbes Clow delivered a touching speech on her best friend Maria in the prepared speech category.

She stated that she hoped their friendship would never end.

Esther Fyall showed great maturity while speaking about her dream job. She said that she would rather earn nothing than earn a million dollars by doing something she hated.

Katrin Usison left the crowd in splits as she spoke about the best surprise she ever had. She clearly cares for her two younger brothers who she stressed, are constantly annoying her. Katrin got the crowd involved at the end of her speech by asking people who have annoying siblings to raise their hands.

Devarsh Devan’s speech was on My Dream Job. His speech was replete with good arguments as he explained that being a scientist was cool as he would get to discover new things, and he would even get a chance to be on TV.

Joseph Geoffrey Clarke, the final participant in the junior category, honoured the memory of his best friend, who was also his sister, by reminiscing about the funny tricks she used to play on him.

In the middle category, Daniel Garba spoke about the superpower he would choose, which would give him the ability to communicate with animals. He could learn new things by speaking with animals such as red pandas and snow leopards.

Aneta Turkova’s prepared speech was on My Brother/Sister Annoys Me When… . The audience broke out in laughter when she stated that her seven year old sister annoys her on purpose. She said that her sister was currently going through a crying phase and needed to cry at least once a day.

Tamsin Royle showed maturity beyond her age while speaking on Manners Matter. She urged her fellow students to listen to their parents when they’re told to clean the room, and she reminded everyone that good manners should be used all the time – not just on special occasions.

The impromptu speeches proved that contestants could think on their feet, as they only had a few moments to prepare.

From the junior category, Alizzha spoke on If I Had One Wish, I Would Wish For. Her wish would be to own a private island, eat mangoes, bananas, and climb trees to observe the wildlife.

Esther spoke on My Favourite School Subject. She said art is her favourite subject, and several members of her family, were gifted in painting and sketching.

Katrin spoke on the topic, If I Could Have One Wish, I Would Wish For. She wished for world peace and stressed that war is not the answer to anything. She urged people to learn to make up and let things go.

Devarsh and Joseph both spoke on the topic My Favourite Sport. Devarsh’s favourite sport is football, which he finds intense, thrilling and full of suspense, while Joseph’s favourite sport is swimming as it keeps him strong, fit and healthy.

From the middle category, Aneta and Tamsin both spoke on the topic When I Grow Up. Their dream is to explore all the countries in the world, speak all the languages, and learn new things.

The crowd was also kept entertained with musical performances by the students.

Joseph and Daniel emerged winners from the junior and middle categories respectively.

They will join finalists from other schools at Al Bustan Palace, a Ritz-Carlton Hotel on April 18 which will see 75 schoolchildren battle it out for the top spots.