Two killed in inter-communal attack in Sudan’s Kassala state

(KHARTOUM) – Two people were killed and 28 other wounded in an attack on a village in New Halfa of Kassala, eastern Sudan.

Salah Sayed Ahmed of the Nubian League in the village of 10 Iskan said that the village was attacked by surprise on Friday by a group belonging to the Zaghawa tribe, using firearms and white weapons.

He told the official Sudan News Agency that the police tried to contain the situation but that the aggressors refused to comply and sought help from their tribesmen in other locations.

A large number of the Zaghawa of Darfur region since many years have been settled in New Halfa where they work as farmers.

Eyewitnesses told Sudan Tribune that the tribal violence was caused by a quarrel between two people from both sides.

They added it later developed into a violent clash when the Zaghawa called their people from the other villages launched an attack on the villagers with white weapons.

In a statement made after the attack, Secretary-General of the state government, and the head of the Security Committee, Arbab Mohamed al-Fadl said that the military and judicial institutions will work hard to bring those involved in these attacks to justice, and called on Nubian villagers to resort to the law and avoid violence.

Al-Fadl pointed out that the Security Committee of New Halfa played a “great role” to control the situation with the follow-up and military support of the State Security Committee.

The security forces brought the situation under control in the early hours of Sunday morning.

The 28 wounded were evacuated to Wadi Halafa and Madani hospitals and some participants were arrested In conflict and putting them in police guards, said the head of the security committee.

For his part, Salah said that the aggressors burned several cars and property belonging to the villagers, and 7 people were seriously wounded, some of them were transferred to Khartoum for treatment.

He accused the authorities of being slow to deal with the events adding the residents of the area had filed several cases in the past without any concrete measures from the local authorities.

Source: Sudan Tribune