BY: Muscat Daily staff writer

MUSCAT: Eleven students from Azzan bin Qais International School in Bausher competed in the junior, middle and senior categories for the semifinal of the Muscat Daily Listen Up competition held on Thursday.

Ten year old Nurin Jazlina binti Mohd Fauzi, a student of grade five emerged as a winner in the junior category. Amani Basim of grade seven won in the middle category while Quinn Rose

Mcveigh of grade eleven was the finalist from the senior category.

Sean Butler, one of the judges and English teacher at the Royal Guard of Oman Technical College, said, “All three selected as finalists were outstanding. Nurin, the youngest of all had a spark in her that made her different from others. She was very clear, spoke well and her presentation was good. Quinn’s speech had the right pace and humour. Her unprepared speech on What Do You Think You Will Be Doing 10 to 20 Years From Now was quite impressive.

“In the middle category, both Amani and Hamnah were good. But Amani scored over Hamnah in the unprepared speech category and so was selected as the winner. Though participants agreed that they took help from the Internet and family to prepare for the competition, the content of their speeches were taken from real life experiences.”

Nurin, in her unprepared speech spoke on My First School Memories. “My first school was in Malaysia. My mother was a school principal and aunt a teacher. So, I did not have many friends. I did not learn the hard ways of life. But today I have lots of friends and school life is completely different.”

Amani, the winner from the middle category spoke on My Brother/Sister Annoys Me for her prepared speech. Her reasons for why her brother and sister annoyed her were many, but noted that, “Whatever said and done, they are part and parcel of my life and the family is incomplete without them.”

In her unprepared speech, Amani spoke on If Women Ruled The World, and said if that was the case then “the world would be a better place”.

Quinn while speaking on the same topic in the prepared speech category said, “Women would reduce misery from the world and stop wars. They would also improve the health condition of other women and children across the world.”

In the unprepared speech, she spoke on What Do You Think You Will Be Doing 10 to 20 Years From Now.

Meanwhile, speeches of other participants were also applauded by the audience for their views on different subjects. Hamnah, a participant from the middle category impressed the audience with her views on Manners Matter in the prepared speech category. She concluded by saying, “The secret of happiness lies in being well-mannered.”