The Levant Writers Forum holds the ‘Monthly Forum Meeting’

Within the activities of the “Sham Writers Forum in Palestine” Association, registered and licensed by the Palestinian Ministries of Interior and Culture, and based on a prior decision by the Association’s Board of Directors in this regard, and in the context of commemorating the fifth anniversary of the founding of the “Sham Writers Forum” group, which falls on July 2, the first meeting was held in Bethlehem on Tuesday 2/7/2024 within the new cultural program approved by the Association under the name “Monthly Forum Meeting.”

It is worth noting that this program, which is launched under the slogan ‘Those Who Attended,’ was created to create a mechanism for direct communication between the members of the forum and its followers to discuss cultural, literary, and creative issues, with a focus on the type of attendees from intellectuals and those interested in cultural affairs.

The first meeting, mentioned above, was held on Tuesday afternoon at the Nirvana Restaurant in Bethlehem, near the university, and wa
s attended by poet Muhammad Shraim, writer Mike Salman, poet Muhammad Shahada, novelist Fawzi Najajreh, writer Jamil Al-Hussani, and poet Jarar Gharib.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the ‘Sham Writers Forum in Palestine’ Association, poet Muhammad Shraim, began the meeting by welcoming the attendees and explaining the purpose of approving the ‘Monthly Forum Meeting’ program and its working mechanism.

Then the poet Shraim, who moderated the meeting, began inviting the writers to present their creative texts, each of which was the subject of a meaningful dialogue after the author of the text finished reading it.

In this meeting, the novelist Fawzi Najajra read two texts, one of which was a thought entitled: ‘The Cowgirl,’ and the other was a satirical story entitled ‘The Employment Committee.’

Then the writer Muhammad Shahada read two memoirs, one entitled ‘The Levant’ and the other entitled ‘Haifa.’

As for the writer Jamil Al-Hussani, he read two memoirs, the first entitled: ‘I supported the wa
r twice’ and the second entitled: ‘The poets.’

The poet Jarar Gharib read his classical poem ‘Yes, We Will Return,’ which is in opposition to one of the poems by the poet Abdul Karim Al-Karmi, ‘Abu Salma.’

He was followed by poet and writer Mike Salman, who read a poem entitled ‘The Land of Terror is My Homeland’ and a thought entitled ‘Between a Humble Sage and an Ignorant Narcissist.’

At the end of the meeting, the poet Mohammed Shraim recited his classical poem ‘O Master of Writers.’

Source: Maan News Agency