Take time to find out more of UAE history

WAM ABU DHABI, 20th February, 2014 (WAM) — All countries need to nurture their sense of identity and history. Understanding national values is a vital part of any healthy nation, and it is very important that the U.A.E.’s young people know about their own country, commented a U.A.E. daily.

“It is in this context that the ‘1971 Initiative’ of H.H. Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, is so important, as it seeks to educate the community about the history of the country and encourage individuals to learn how to look for the necessary information”, said ‘Gulf News’ in its editorial on Thursday.

Part of the initiative is a valuable quiz of 657 searching questions about the U.A.E.’s history, some of which would puzzle experienced historians. Finding the answers is one thing, but the activity of the research means that people will find out where to look, and therefore be able to return to look for other things in the future.

Beside Emiratis, also large expatriate population must respect Emiratis’ national identity and work with them to foster this pride.

“They should learn to understand the U.A.E. better, and take pride in speaking some Arabic. For example, very few foreigners could answer 657 detailed questions on the history of their own country, much less the U.A.E”, added the paper.

Most people see the physical transformation that the U.A.E. has gone through, but the human history is more important, as the values that define the culture set the tone for the whole of society.

“The outstanding success of the U.A.E. is far too often taken for granted, but it was not magic, and it was not just thanks to a deluge of oil wealth. Many other countries have failed miserably to take advantage of their oil bonanzas, and it is important that both nationals and expatriates recognise the values of honesty, transparency, and respect for others, through which the U.A.E. has managed to succeed where others have failed”, concluded Gulf News.


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