Syrian Opposition Forms Syrian National Coalition

Doha, November 11 (QNA) – Syrian opposition figure Ali Al-Bayanouni, the former Comptroller General of the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria announce that all Syrian opposition forces agreed, in Doha, to the formation of the Syrian National Coalition for the revolutionary and opposition forces .
 Following a meeting of the Syrian opposition on Sunday at Sheraton Doha Al-Bayanouni told reporters that”everyone, without exception,” initialed the agreement of the Syrian National Coalition for the revolutionary and opposition forces.
 He added that the official signing of this agreement will take place this evening at an official ceremony in which chairman, vice chairman and secretary general of the coalition will be elected.
Member of the Syrian National Council Ziad Abu Hamdan stressed that the formal signing of the agreement will take place Sunday evening amid Arab and international presence, noting that the goal of the coalition is to get recognition and financial support. “We expect further political and financial support. Particularly we expect the recognition of  the coalition as the sole legitimate representative of the Syrian people,” he told reporters.
  About the interim government, Abu Hamdan said that it is currently being discussed adding that it has been agreed that military councils are to be unified under one political umbrella, calling that ‘an important step’.
 Regarding the changes that have been introduced too the initiative of Riad Seif, Abu Hamdan said that the initiative did not witness substantial changes, “Basis are agreed upon, and bringing down Assad’s regime is on the top, however, there are some political differences on quotas and final agreement on the necessary mechanisms for the next phase,” he added. (QNA)

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