Syrian National Council Elects George Sabra as its President

Doha, November 09 (QNA) – The Syrian National Council (SNC) has elected its 11-member Executive Office .The SNC will elect its new president later Friday night.  
The elections which held in Doha today resulted in electing the following names as members of the aforesaid executive office:
1-Hisham Marawa    

2- George Sabra….

3- Salim Al-Muslit…

4-Farouq Tayfour…

5- Abdulahad Steifou..

6- Khalid Al-Saleh.. 

7- Hussein El-Sayyed…

8- Abdul-Basit Seida…

9- Nazir Al-Hakim…

10-Gamal Al- Ward…

11-Ahmed Ramadan.
These elections would culminate the expansion process of the SNC which has already earlier Sunday and according to which the general assembly raised the number of the SNC to more than 400, two thirds of whom were from inside Syria.
The vote counting process and the results were declared to the local and international media organs.
The General Assembly of the Syrian National Council has elected 41 members for the Council’s General Secretariat.
The elections, which took place here earlier Wednesday, took place following the restructuring of the National Council and the expansion of its membership by accommodating political and revolutionary parties, raising the number of the Council’s members to more than 400.
Current member of the Council’s Executive Office Ahmed Ramadan told reporters that 41 members were elected for the General Secretariat, adding that the Council has the right to add 10 per cent to the current members for national necessities.
Ramadan envisaged that two women would be added to the new Secretariat along with two members from the “minority”.
The election of the Executive Office and the President of the Council was postponed to Friday due to lack of time, especially as the opposition will hold on Thursday its consultative meeting, Ramadan said. (QNA)

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