Syria, Iran discuss bilateral judicial and legal cooperation

Iranian Justice Minister Amir Hossein Rahimi discussed Saturday with Syrian Ambassador in Tehran Shafiq Dayoub, means to enhance bilateral cooperation in the judicial, and legal domains.

Both sides discussed mechanisms for implementing previously signed judicial agreements between the two countries, and signing new memorandums of understanding.

Rahimi stressed the importance of strategic relations between the two countries, and the necessity to develop them ,particularly in the judicial domain.

“we have been together in the fight against terrorism and the achievement of victories, and we will be together in the process of reconstruction and the promotion of trade and investment in the interests of both sides,” Rahimi added.

Dayoub, in turn, noted that there are different domains for the mutual cooperation in the domain of judicial and legal, including the fight against the organized crime.

The Ambassador highlighted the importance of the Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi to Syria and its positive outcomes that serve the two friendly countries and peoples, particularly in light of the regional political transformations that the region and the world are witnessing in .

Dayoub said that the bilateral cooperation between the both countries with the friendly countries and the axis of resistance led to the defeat of terrorism and failure the projects of targeting the region’s identity, heritage, and resources.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency