Sudan’s Sovereign Council recognizes Israeli military delegation was in Khartoum

(KHARTOUM) – Sudan’s Sovereignty Council announced that it did not announce a visit by an Israeli delegation to Khartoum last week because it was a military visit without a major political dimension.

On November 23, the Sudanese government announced that it was not aware of a visit to Khartoum announced by Israeli Army Radio on the same day.

In statements to the U.S. funded on Sunday, the official spokesman for the Sovereignty Council, Mohamed al-Faki Suleiman, confirmed that the visit adding “was of a technical and military nature.”

“We did not announce it on time, because it is not a significant visit or of a political nature. Therefore we did not talk about it at the level of the Sovereign Council and the cabinet,” he added.

The Jerusalem Post, on 15 November, spoke already about a visit by a “small delegation” to Khartoum to discuss security cooperation between the two countries.

“A larger delegation that will focus on economic issues, including water and agriculture, is expected to depart in the coming weeks,” further said the newspaper citing Israeli government sources.

However, al-Faki said talks with Israel on the normalization are stalled because there are political and economic commitments that have not been fulfilled.

“This would delay the (implementation of the ) agreement that was unanimously agreed upon by the Sovereign Council and the cabinet unless progress is made in the file,” he further said.

Trump administration which brokered the deal, the United Arab Emirates and Israel pledged to provide economic support to the Sudanese government.



Source: Sudan Tribune