Sudan’s PM says normalization with Israel requires societal dialogue

(KHARTOUM) – Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok stressed the need to reach a minimum agreement between the Sudanese on normalization with Israel, due to the existence of disagreement on this matter.

During the first session of the economic conference in Khartoum on Saturday, Hamdok spoke about the normalization of relations with Israel during his response to comments and questions by the participants.

Some of the public supported normalization with Israel saying it is needed for economic development even after the removal from the terror blacklist, while others opposed it.

The Prime Minister said he had asked U.S. Secretary of State Michael Pompeo, during his recent visit to Khartoum, separate between Sudan’s removal from the list of state sponsors of terrorism and the normalization with Israel.

“We spoke with the U.S. Secretary of State and told him: let us separate the two tracks. We hope for success in this matter,” he said.

“Of course, this is an issue that has many other complications (….) this matter requires a deep societal discussion about it,” he further said.

The Sudanese prime minister stressed that a successful transition requires a consensus on all core issues without imposing an opinion on another saying it is a necessary condition for the success of the democratic transition in the country.

The normalization with Israel is perceived as a new condition for the country’s removal from the terror list and an electoral card between the Democratic and Republican parties.

Sudan delisting is a condition for the needed debt relief and getting economic support from the international financial institutions to rebuild the county infrastructures and development



Source: Sudan Tribune