KHARTOUM, Sudan’s Minister of Oil and Gas, Azhari Abdul-Gadir Abdullah, has discussed plans to create a favourable environment for investment in the country’s the oil sector, with the Russian Ambassador, Vladimir Zheltov.

The Minister considered Sudan’s prospects in the oil sector as promising in view of the country’s oil reserves which are encouraging international companies to come to Sudan, he added when the ambassador called on him here Monday.

The Minister invited Russian companies to invest in the oil and gas sector in Sudan because of the advantages and evidence that encourage the companies to venture into Sudan, revealing that the extraction of oil currently is at only 20 per cent of known reserves.

He noted the presence of two Russian companies working in Sudan in the field of technical support to increase production in Sudan, and considering them as a model to encourage other leading Russian giants companies to engage into the extraction of oil and gas.

The ambassador stressed the desire of his country to develop continuous co-operation with Sudan in a number of fields, including oil and gas, while conveying the desire of the Russian oil companies to invest in Sudan.

He added that Russia is seeking develop economic co-operation with Sudan through the joint mechanism of the Joint Sudanese-Russian Co-operation Committee on the enforcement of a number of files signed between the two countries.

Source: Nam News Network