Sudan’s attorney general urges to hand over militaries who killed protesters

(KHARTOUM) – Sudan’s attorney general on Wednesday urged the army to quickly hand over those who killed two protesters and wounded 37 others, the official news agency SUNA said on Tuesday.

The victims participated in a peaceful rally on Tuesday to commemorate the bloody attack on a sit-in outside the army headquarters where over two hundreds civilians had been killed in June 2019.

Al-Hebir Taj Elsir confirmed that the Public Prosecution Office had opened two lawsuits against the military involved in the killing of the two youth, Osman Ahmed Badr al-Din and Muddather al-Mukhtar Elshafie, under articles 130 and 186 of the criminal code related to premeditated murder, and crimes against humanity.

Taj-Elsir added they also filled an official request to the army to hand over the officer who ordered to open fire and soldiers who shot protesters and give their weapons to the Public Prosecution.

“We hope that there will be cooperation in handing over the accused and the weapons to investigate the case and the start of the trial,” he stressed.

The attorney general further said that all indications show that the rally was a peaceful gathering without violence and there were only very slight frictions when the protesters arrived in the vicinity of the army headquarters.

The Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) did not react officially to the request of the general attorney.

Earlier on Wednesday morning, SAF stated it has formed an investigation committee to identify the perpetrators of the shooting.

“The Armed Forces confirm their full cooperation with the judicial and legal authorities to establish the truth and are fully prepared to bring to justice everyone involved in these events,” further added the statement.

Al-Burhan calls for national unity

In a speech on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr on Wednesday evening, the head of the Sovereign Council Abdel Fattah al-Burhan did not speak about the murder of the two youth by the military on Tuesday.

However, he denounced the language of “exclusion, treason and false accusations” by some parties.

“Such matters are a serious threat to the march of the revolution and a first hindrance to the requirements of the transition,” he added.

“The awareness revolution the youth has carried its torch requires to not allow those lurking in the dark seeking to ambush the revolution. Instead, we should strive to unify the national ranks,” he further stressed.

Some Sudanese officials say that the attacks were carried out by some members of the disbanded Operation Units that were part of the National Intelligence and Security Services and integrated into the army.

The Sudanese generals admit that these Islamists elements are hostile to the democratic change but add it would take time before to remove them out of the armed forces.


Source: Sudan Tribune