KHARTOUM, Sudanese President Omer Al-Bashir has issued republican decrees in a re-shuffle in the country’s National Accord government, which includes the appointment of federal ministers, state ministers and a number of Walis (governors) of states.

The following were appointed as federal ministers: Ibrahim Mahmoud Hamid as Minister of Interior, Dr. Al-Dirdiri Mohamed Ahmed as Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Salim as Minister of Justice, Prof. Abdalla Suleiman Abdalla as Minister of Agriculture and Azhari Abdul-Gadir Abdalla as Minister of Petroleum and Gas.

Also appointed were Dr. Abul-Bashar Abdul-Rahman Yousif as the Minister of Youth and Sports and Prof. Hashim Ali Mohamed Salim as a Minister in the Council of Ministers (Cabinet).

The President also appointed a number of governors, including Abul-Gasim Al-Amin Baraka as the Wali (governor) of White Nile State, Dr. Abdul-Karim Musa Abdul-Karim as Wali of Sennar State, Khalid Hussein Mohamed Omer as Wali of Blue Nile State, and Yasser Yousif Ibrahim as Wali of Northern State.

The other governors appointed are: General Ahmed Ibrahim Ali Mufadal (South Kordofan State), Al-Sharif Mohamed Abbad Sammouh (North Darfur State), Hussein Yassin Hamad (West Darfur State), and Mohamed Ahmed Jadal-Sid (Central Darfur State).

The President also issued a Republican Decree appointing the following as state ministers: Usama Faisal Al-Sayed Ali as State Minister for Foreign Affairs, Neimat Omer Al-Huwaires (Ministry of Justice), Al-Saddiq Bakhit Al-Fekki (Ministry of Information), Tariq Ali Hassan Shalabi (Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning) and General Uusama Mukhtar Al-Nur Fadlallas (Ministry of Investment).

Source: Nam News Network