Sudanese army seizes smuggled ammunition near Ethiopian border

(KHARTOUM) – Sudanese military Intelligence seized 95,000 rounds of ammunition loaded on donkey carts on their way to Ethiopia from the border state of Gedaref, the official news agency reported on Saturday.

The Sudanese army set up an ambush to arrest several donkey carts carrying more than 95,000 (ninety-five thousand) rounds (9 mm) of along with drugs, said the Sudan News Agency (SUNA).

The operation took place upon informed provided by the military intelligence at the border strip about the “smuggling of ammunition to a neighbouring country,” said SUNA.

Based on this intelligence, Sudanese troops set up an ambush in one of the border villages in Quraishah locality (near the Ethiopian border) and arrested a number of caravans carrying ammunition packed inside plastic bags.

This seizure comes at a time when clashes erupted between the Ethiopian Federal Army and elements of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) two days ago, stressed the agency without naming the destination of the rounds.

The Sudanese state of Gedaref shares border with the Ethiopian Tigray and Amhara regions (265 km).

Two days ago, Sudan’s Gaderef and Kassala states closed the border with Ethiopia and deployed troops to prevent the insurgents from crossing to the country.

On Friday, the Ethiopian army captured the town of Dansha, near the border area, from the TPLF.

The Ethiopian parliament Saturday approved the formation of an interim government for the Tigray region denying the legitimacy of TPLF’s self-declared regional administration.



Source: Sudan Tribune