KHARTOUM, The Sudanese Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning has signed an agreement with the African Development Bank (AfDB) under which it will receive a 41 million US dollars grant from the AfDB to finance the agricultural value chain development project for gum Arabic, peanut, sesame and potato crops in the states of North Kordofan, Western Kordofan and Khartoum.

The Minister of Finance and Economic Planning Dr. Mohamed Osman Sulaiman Al-Rikabi, signed the agreement here Thursday on behalf of the Government of the Sudan, while the AfDB Resident Representative in Sudan, Raubil Durowoju, signed for the Bank.

Dr. Al-Rikabi praised the support of the AfDB for its support for projects of sustainable development in Sudan in essential services including water, health, education and electricity.

He said that these projects served to increase production and productivity in agriculture, which increases the gross national product. The Minister said the project was aimed at the achievement of food security and improvement of household income through infrastructure development, market access and trade facilitation as well as the increase of production, development and modernization of agricultural systems.

He pointed out that qualified farmers would be selected to serve as focal points for both Khartoum and West Kordofan states to implement the project activities as well as the designation of a fulcrum for gum Arabic from the Ministry of Agriculture.

Durowoju said that the agricultural value chain development project was funded by the Bank through a grant focused mainly on the development of agricultural value chains to increase production and productivity and help the government achieve the objectives of the five-year programme and the government’s agricultural plan.

He added that this intervention was in line with the objectives of the African Development Bank’s plans, especially with those regard to feeding Africa.

The Bank’s financing for projects in Sudan as grants amounted to 350 million dollars, he said, calling on the Minister of Finance to pay attention to the implementation of these projects with high efficiency in order to achieve the desired objectives.

He stressed the support of the Bank to Sudan to achieve the goals of economic and social development. It is noteworthy that the contribution of the Government of Sudan in these projects is estimated at 4.4 million pounds.