Sudan is country of economic opportunities, Hamdok tells investors

May 18, 2021 (PARIS) – Sudanese Prime Minister on Tuesday encouraged foreign investors to come to the country stressing it is a land of business opportunities.

Abdallah Hamdok made his call at a meeting with French and business forum during a presentation of
Sudanese economic reforms and business environment in the country.

“We have always said that Sudan is a rich country and does not need grants and donations. Rather, it needs investment that creates job opportunities for our youth, and we want to see real investments that come to our country and work with us,” he said.

Sudanese government released a document called “4 core sectors projects” with details about oil and gas projects in different regions.

The power production projects focused on Solar PV plants and Wind Farms. While the power transmission projects included a 500kV Sudan Ethiopia Power Interconnection.

Hamdok said that there are many real business opportunities that can yield big profits, adding that his country is ready to welcome international investments

He stressed that the investors would create jobs for the Sudanese youth and contribute to the make his country a prosperous nation.

Minister of Finance Gibril Ibrahim, Head of the Investment Authority, Heba Mohamed Ali who was the former finance minister are part of the Hamdok delegation to Paris meetings.

They held a series of meetings with French officials and businessmen about economic and investment projects.



Source: Sudan Tribune