KHARTOUM, The 3rd Ministerial Meeting on Border Co-operation in security and monitoring between Sudan, Libya, Niger and Chad was held here Thursday.

Sudanese Foreign Minister Dr. Al-Dirdiri Mohamed Ahmed said at the opening session that the firm joint historical and cultural ties among the participating countries made it necessary for joint work and co-operation among them in the security, economic and social fields so as to guarantee security and stability in the countries.

He appreciated the experiment of the joint Sudanese-Chadian forces in securing the border area between the two countries and stressed the importance of re-activating the centre for join operations in the exchange of information.

Libyan Foreign Minister Mohamed Tahir Sayala gave a detailed briefing on the political and security developments in his country and the endeavours of the Libyan national accord government for realizing security and stability and to safeguard the Constitution until fair and transparent elections can be held.

He affirmed the importance of uniting efforts among the four countries to face the security challenges that are represented in terrorism, organized crime, illegal immigration and the attempts to undermine the security and stability at the region.

Chad’s Foreign Minister, Al-Sharif Mohamed Zain, also stressed the importance of joint co-operation in the monitoring of borders, referring to the recent decision of the Niamey Summit on the importance of co-operation between states for protecting joint security and stability.

Niger’s Minister of Defence affirmed the importance of speeding up the formation of the joint committee for co-ordination and determining its tasks for securing the borders.

He said that Niger had signed a number of agreements with neighbouring countries for security of the joint borders.